Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 03 - Update from Steven

Email to: Eric
Subject: I'm at the library

I got a guest pass at the library and they let me use the computers...pretty sweet huh? Me and Ryan tried to go pan-handle...we played guitar for a bit, but there was literally only ONE guy who walked by. We though the tunnel by the Zoo would be a lot more crowded, but there was nobody there! :(
So now we went to the library and have been hanging out here for the last few hours, reading books and just sitting around. We are waiting for it to close. Once it closes we're going to ride the max around a bunch because it's free EVERYWHERE tonight, from 8pm until they stop going, pretty sweet! Then we plan to get off the max at around 10 and get some sleep again. I think I'm gonna go get some Raumen soon!


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