Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 02 - First Night on the Street

The boys tell me that their first night went decently. They found a spot near a Panda Express to sleep, but part way through the night it started raining and they had to relocate to a dryer spot. Steven says he got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I believe Ryan got less. Their sleeping bags have kept them sufficiently warm, but when they are outside of their has been freezing. So far they have met a few other homeless people and have made a few friends. They have also been offered drugs a few times, and been asked if they knew where they could buy drugs. Steven has yet to attempt to make any money with his guitar playing skills, but they did pick up a free sack lunch from a kind stranger. Right now they are living on dry Ramen and whatever they can get for what's left of their original 10 dollars they went on the street with. When I met with them today, they were waiting for a homeless friend to visit them, and then they were headed across the river to try and make some money with the guitar. Here are a few pictures from last night as well as when I saw them today.


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